CBJ Collective produces four types of candles, all hand-poured in our home workshop in Wellsboro, PA.

Our Scentillating Creations candles are made with FDA approved and Kosher certified natural soy wax, 7%-10% concentrated fragrance oil, and flat braided cotton wick with paper threads woven into the cotton, for the cleanest of burns. Great for a mellow scent throw that will last a long time. Hand-poured in 8oz and 16oz square mason jars, with a natural off-white color.

Our Chakra candles were designed and produced as a collaborative result with local Reiki practitioner Taylor Nickerson. Made with 94% natural coconut/soy wax blend, 6% concentrated fragrance oil, and a self-trimming flat braided wick made with textile-grade cotton and paper. Though the fragrance oil load is less than our soy candles, these coconut/soy candles appear to have a stronger scent throw. They are long lasting and great for meditation.

Our Wickless Bliss candles are made with a soy hybrid wax blend (half soy, half paraffin), 6% concentrated fragrance oil, and no wick. These candles are strong and long lasting, as the wax doesn't burn and evaporate into the air. Rather, the wax is melted with the help of a candle warmer (either a hot plate or a lamp). It's a safer alternative to the traditional candle, as there is no flame to worry about. Just beware - the container will get very hot, which is why we use 8oz seamless candle tins.

Our Botin Premium Scented Candles are currently in the testing stage as we perfect the wax to fragrance ratio, and are made with US made 'crackling' wooden wicks. These candles are perfect for those who want the strongest of scent throws, while still maintaining a clean burn.