What's New!

Posted by Boki Cvetkovski on

It's Saturday which marks this our first full week being open at our new location, and I just wanted to update you all on a few things.

Every Saturday we will be posting un update, a "What's New!" blog post, just as our way to keep in touch with you all, dearest friends, family, neighbors, and loyal customers.

Even though we miss our shop at West End Market, Brooks Plaza has been the amazing upgrade we needed. We accomplished this with the help of some amazing friends and neighbors, you all know who you are. We're still trying to organize things in the working area, so production has been limited at this time,. However, we are getting things done without much downsizing. God is good!

We are truly blessed that we've had no complaints about our split schedule, as we enjoy a daily lunch break with our two furry kiddos known as #FredTheCat and #DreamsicleTheCat in the convenience of our home.

Today was our first of many #ScratchOffSaturday where you get to pick a scratch off card to see the discount you win. There's 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and Extra Punch on your rewards card. The discount is applied on your purchase that earns you the scratch off ticket. It's also only applied to 1 item, not your entire purchase. So make sure to stop in on Saturdays as you are bound to earn a discount of some sort.

Once our work area is cleared for working and we're all restocked, I'm planning on updating our website in order to feature all the great artists and crafters we have in our gift shop. They deserve their own landing page, don't you think?

Also, I will say that another arm of the business is in the works: #CBJTrading an online marketplace where we might have auctions, and or bartering deals. We have to lookout for our community. Yes, we might have competition in the area, but we are all people trying to survive. So why not work together, right?

On that note, if you are interested in collaborating with us, in any way possible, please reach out to us via email at: cbjcollective@mail.com (no, it's not @gmail lol)

As always, thank you for your endless support. Without you we would not be living out our dreams. Thank you all and have a blessed weekend.


With love, Bo!

P.S. - you thought I forgot: next week is our amazing owner's birthday. Happy Birthday Justina! You don't look a day older than 29! (lol)

Because of her birthday, we decided that our gift shop will be closed on April 18th. We will re-open the next day and will resume our normal hours. Thank you all for your understanding!